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The constructive solutions developed by our engineering department will adapt to the demands of all sectors that use any kind of lifting machinery: MARITIME, PORTS, HEAVY INDUSTRY, MOBILE CRANES, CONSTRUCTION sectors and other lifting and hoisting equipment for the mining sector, and entertainment equipment.....etc.

Right from the start in 1971, the aim was to make innovative products for these sectors, with particular attention to the international market.

We started to export in Europe in 1975 and moved on to include the rest of the world in 1990.

Gosan has grown constantly during these years, to become a leading world supplier of its product: welded machined steel sheaves.

Gosan has also invested constantly in production resources: In 2002 took a very significant leap forward with the inauguration of the new facilities in Ortuella, Spain, which provided us with the latest technology in design and manufacturing.
And in 2008, with the constant aim of offering a closer service to the customer, GOSAN USA was inaugurated: a completed new facility in Jacksonville, FL, to supply the Western Hemisphere. This new plant has also the state of the art technologies implemented.

The synergy produced in Gosan is more apparent in one of the features that best defines its identity: innovation.

Gosan applies this innovation attitude to all areas of the company.


It is constantly incorporating the most up-to-date technology. Considerable time and effort are devoted to research programs in the design of new products and to improve those it already manufactures. It has a wide-ranging, highly qualified team who are fully committed to the growth and development of their company.

Thanks to all this, Gosan is today a solid industrial organization, present on the five continents and is capable to develop and carry out any project in its manufacturing range in any country in the world.


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