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HOOK BLOCKS for lifting gear

Gosan has developed a new series of blocks and tracks in accordance with the latest requirements and techniques FEM 1001 and DIN STANDARD 15020.

Safety when faced with breakage is in all cases greater than that required by FEM standards.

The suspensions (hook, cross-axle, nut) correspond to DIN standards15411.

The hooks correspond to DIN standards 15401 and 15402 and are made of forged steel, grade StE355 (class P, regulation DIN STANDARD 15400). Alloy 34 Cr Mo 4, 34 Cr Ni Mo 6 y 30 Cr Ni Mo 8 (classes S, T, V) can be used if required.

All the hooks are equipped with a safety bolt to prevent their escaping from the sling.

They can be fitted with an anti-spinnnig system which is easily attached without the use of tools; this keeps the hook steady.

The pulleys are made of rolled steel, designed and built by GOSAN, and are fitted with double cylindrical roller bearings, perfectly located with special retainers. These bearings are greased by means of lubricating points, one for every pulley, located on the end of the axle and duly protected from any possible knocks.

Special attention is paid to the shape of the throat when constructing the pulley. The bottom radius (DIN 15601 (r=0.525 d)) greatly extend the life of the cable, which will reach its maximum if the cable is properly placed in the pulley throat. Pulleys with the throat tempered will give an additional life extension to the cable and are available upon request.

The distance between pulleys (blocks and tackles of four or more pulleys) is very small due to the type of bearings used.


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