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We at Gosan have gone beyond our historical markets and now we have a presence in offshore projects within the North Sea, where a large and complex offshore industry is located, as well as, in the Rest of the World.
Gosan has invested in R&D projects so as to manufacture products economically and in the most expeditious manner. Due to the nature of the oil industry, optimum delivery is critical .To this end Gosan has developed a system to make sure orders are ready on time. We have an excellent team of Highly Qualified Engineers who work to make continuous improvements using CAD/CAM systems.
At Gosan we manufacture a wide range of;
Sheaves, Hook blocks, Wheels for Offshore applications suitable for:
Oil and Gas Platforms, Cargo Handling, Pipe Laying and Supply Vessels, ROV operations, Sub-sea Operations, etc.

• According to International Design and Quality Standards.
• According to Customer Designs, we manufacture any lifting element according to customer specifications thanks to the Know –How which we have developed as a competitive advantage over decades of service
• Using Gosan´s Application Engineering team, applying the latest and most advanced hardware systems and calculation software.


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