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The AGBS barrel couplings for drums, designed by GOSAN, are used in hoisting gear of cranes to join the wire drum and the output shaft of the gearbox.

When the output shaft of the gearbox is rigidly fixed to the cable drum a statically indeterminate situation is produced, thus making it difficult to obtain perfect alignment and levelling in assembly. Assemblies of this type require to carry out major adjustments, since the lack of alignment would induce the transmission elements to malfunction. Possible errors and inaccuracies in the assembly and balancing of the coupling, as well as the distortions in the structure, wear in the bearings etc, all create additional forces which, jointly with alternating forces, produce breakages due to fatigue and damage in the bearings and gears.

The barrel couplings for drums are designed to avoid the presence of high bending moments and to compensate for misalignments, and also to absorb axial displacement. It is equipped with a self-aligning bearing on the other end of the drum shaft which is fitted to withstand the axial forces.

Description and characteristic

The AGBS barrel coupling must be supplied as an entire set, the sleeve and hub cannot be supplied separately.

The AGBS barrel coupling is delivered fully assembled (unless specified to the contrary the holes and keyways are completely machined).

The AGBS barrel couplings are supplied without grease although delivered with sufficient protection against corrosion under normal storage conditions.


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